Exact Homes

Exact Homes is an Alice Springs-based construction company that offers a high-quality bespoke home building service, designing and constructing homes that meet their clients exact needs from the ground up, without a catalogue of plans that have been used before.

bellette had first established a working relationship with Exact Homes through digital marketing. This turned into an ongoing service level agreement in which we were able to provide all kinds of graphic design, marketing, video and photography services under a single monthly contract, used on an ad-hoc basis whenever new collateral was called for. This included logo updates and print collateral to promote the business and to develop brand recognition in the online and physical space. Most recently we were able to help create signage for the newly acquired shopfront and custom email signatures to formalise their positioning in the property development market. 

The previous work bellette has done for Exact Homes has given us intimate knowledge of the brand identity, saving time for both our design team, and Exact Homes as we were familiar with their preferences, brand style and personality. 

The shopfront design was created by integrating visual elements and colours from their style guide that had been developed through previous print projects for Exact Homes. The final product was an eye-catching shop front that is visible from the street and stands out whilst maintaining a fresh and professional aesthetic. The email signatures have also added an extra element of professionalism and represent the internal changes within the organisation as the team expands and the brand evolves.

The benefit of the shopfront itself is that the business can be immediately spotted when travelling down their street, it looks fresh and gives new clients encouragement that the project they are entering will be completed to a high standard.

We have enjoyed continuing our professional relationship with the Exact Homes team and seeing the evolution and continuation of this brand, working to develop it across various mediums and helping it to gain recognition. This strong relationship has helped Exact Homes save time when communicating new adaptations, allowing us to work from our retained knowledge from our working history to create a final product that suits their needs.