Drug and Alcohol Services Australia (DASA)

DASA is a non profit organisation offering support and rehabilitation to people in Central Australia who struggle with substance abuse. They promote and strive for a healthy and safe community by assisting and caring for people with drug and alcohol addictions, helping them create a better life for themselves.

A shift in DASA’s organisational structure created a need to rebrand and update their image. We worked with DASA to establish a new visual identity encapsulating  the broadening clientele they are seeing come through their doors, as well as introducing an un-intimidating, friendly and supportive first impression.

The corporate personality we have developed for DASA is bright and full of life. The colours chosen makes them instantly recognisable and inject a new level of optimism. The new style creates a distinct voice that makes the organisation more open and accessible to their target demographic.

The colours represent the four main service areas offered by DASA. This representation is carried through the entire collateral portfolio - business cards, internal documents and promotional material all carry a strong and clear message of hope and non-judgemental support.