Desert Knowledge Australia (DKA) - Website

Desert Knowledge Australia (DKA) is a statutory authority of the Northern Territory Government encouraging the sharing of  knowledge and resources relevant to what it means to live, work and grow a business in regional and remote Australia. They facilitate research, endeavouring to provide educational resources, communication events and growth opportunities for individuals and businesses. DKA has a focus on sustainability, and acting specifically as a support to those in desert and arid environments, to promote viable business and living.

We have been working with DKA to rejuvenate their brand and strengthen public awareness of their role, within their industry. With the goal of projecting the brand into an international economic space, we have helped to develop a new logo and corporate identity for the organisation. This has extended to the design and creation of a new website that strengthens the credibility of DKA as thought leaders and experts in all things with a desert, arid or regional target market.

The website is clear and very user friendly, carrying the new branding beautifully across the online representation of the organisation. The website has created a space for DKA to establish themselves in an international sphere. Their brand is amplified through the professional look and clear structure of their online presence. The functionality of their website makes the organisation accessible to both stakeholders with a financial interest, and those seeking support or further education in the area of desert knowledge.