DKA Solar Centre

The DKA Solar Centre is a testing ground for different kinds of solar technologies. Manufacturers and investors from all over the world use this space to see how much energy their products are capable of producing, as well as how they stand the test of time in the harsh environment they need to function in.

For the owners of these arrays to be able to see their results from anywhere in the world, a digital space needed to be created for them to access this information. We worked with DKA Solar Centre to design and build an interactive website that combined huge amounts of data, with a visual representation of the space - providing real time information to those engaged in solar energy research and development or interested in investing in solar technology.

Due to the almost infinitesimal detail of the data monitoring changes in environment against product response, the design elements needed to be simplified to allow easy interpretation. Every pictorial and visual information ordering technique needed to add clarity to what is a highly function first site need.   

This project demonstrates the ability to take a huge amount of data that is continuously changing and growing, and turn it into a visual interface that simplifies information and makes it accessible to a global audience.