DKA Wayfinding

DKA is an organisation based in Central Australia aiming to encourage and facilitate learning, research, and sustainable economic and social development relating to desert and arid lands. They oversee the Desert Knowledge Precinct which houses a number of like minded businesses.

DKA came to us for the creation of a series of visual wayfinding signs to help staff and visitors find their way around the large precinct.

The vastness of the complex area, and winding roads that run through it, meant that previously the chances of getting lost once  you had entered the precinct were fairly high. It was clear that the solution needed to be very obvious, highly visual and easy to follow.

We created signage using brightly coloured arrows for representing the different organisations, incorporating our iconography against a dark background. The contrast of the dark background and bright colours meant it would be easy to see and read the signs in the bright desert sun. The organic shape at the top of the signs, is an acknowledging nod to historical use of organic graphics, while the rest of the colour, layout, and typographic elements related very strongly to authoritative instructional nature of the problem to be resolved in the brief.

The result of this project was a collection of high quality wayfinding signs that resolved DKA’s navigation problems. The signs were made with a strong style that fit with the existing brand and enabled DKA to commission extra signs as they are needed.