Department of the Chief Minister

The Department of the Chief Minister (DCM) is a Northern Territory Government department that is responsible for overseeing the development of the Northern Territory. 

Each year, the Chief Minister presents their vision for the year ahead for the Territory, showcasing efforts made in the past year and the goals of the next one for each region of the Territory. The aim of this presentation is to continue to improve our infrastructure and promote the Territory as a resource and space for development and investment. 

The video needed to be captured on the ground in Alice Springs to complement the Chief Minister’s speech, showcasing the changes that have been made within Central Australia during his last year in government. 

We had only 7 days to script, interview, shoot, edit and finalise the footage ahead of the presentation which took us on a journey around town. We were lucky enough to shoot: 

  • Drone footage of Alice Springs at different hours of the day - capturing the impressive golden hour we see each evening
  • Following a mountain bike enthusiast ride on a newly revamped mountain bike track with our drone chasing him from above
  • Interview of a local resident on why she loves Alice Springs
  • Drone footage of the impressive solar panels that adorn some local schools
  • The aircraft storage facility at the Alice Springs Airport

We already have quite a comprehensive stock library of local content, so we were able to use some of our existing footage paired with new footage from our clients brief to create compelling, local content.

We enjoyed being a part of a quick, fast-paced project which involved being able to showcase our own love for Alice Springs (you can read more of our thoughts here). Our producer, Franky, was the most excited about this project, as he is an avid aircraft enthusiast, so a day spent out at the restricted aircraft storage facility was a dream come true for him!

The footage we took will be stored within the DCM’s internal stock footage library to be used for future projects that DCM undertake, and the final files were presented on speech night in Alice Springs.