Department of the Attorney-General and Justice Northern Territory Government

The Department of the Attorney-General and the Northern Territory Local Court are Northern Territory Government departments that provide justice, correctional services, regulatory services, policy and legal services within the Northern Territory.

The two departments approached bellette to create supporting materials to help launch a new pilot program to keep at-risk children safe and reduce the amount of time families need to spend in court to do this - The Family Law Pilot. This pilot program was introduced to give authority to the local court to make parent protection orders instead of child protection orders - as long as all the appropriate parties agree. This helps to reduce the time spent in family court to make these decisions, with the goal to streamline these processes and provide children with safe, secure homes. 

Due to the complex nature of the legal system, it can often be difficult to explain processes and proceedings to families involved in the legal system and the reasons behind these processes - this becomes harder again with barriers such as language and previous experiences with the courts. 

We found a solution to this problem by creating an explainer video that used animated infographics to explain the information in a clear way, with plenty of examples of situations where this pilot program can help not only the child but also Territory Families and the child’s family. 

Our designer created the graphics and videos with a colour palette that suited the tone of the message as well as the audience who needed to receive it. Colours are a great tool for demonstrating diversity in a character, by using abstract colours instead of realistic skin tones our characters were able to relate to every demographic, without making anyone feel targeted. Characters carrying out scenarios were combined with a simple flow-on effect from one step to another. The scripting was kept as short as possible and used plain English to convey a message that was easily understood.

As the saying goes, it’s much easier to say it in 1000 words than 100. It is a time-consuming process to take something so in-depth and complicated and turn it into something that is short, simple and coherent, but our team relished the opportunity and challenge to approach a project from this angle.