Department of Infrastructure, Planning and Logistics Sober Bob Campaign

The Department of Infrastructure, Planning and Logistics (DIPL) is a public sector agency established under the Administrative Arrangements Order issued by the Administrator of the Northern Territory and established in 2016. Their key role is to drive the sustainable, economic and social advancement of the Northern Territory through land use and transport planning, infrastructure investment and effective logistics supply chains. 

DIPL engaged bellette to develop a contemporary, fresh and versatile look and feel for the “Who’s Your Sober Bob?” campaign. This is an iconic public service campaign to encourage people to think ahead about how they will get home after drinking alcohol, which has been running since 1997. This new iteration of the campaign incorporated the same requirements of encouraging behavioural changes to prevent alcohol-related road trauma on Territory roads. It was executed with a variety of promotional materials. 

The new campaign moved away from the previous cartoonish graphic style and introduced a modern take on the message. We utilised the relatable feeling of being ignored that people get when they’ve sent a message and have had no reply other than the notification that the message has been ‘seen’. This is a frustrating part of modern communication, and we have taken advantage of it to show loved ones the impact of ignoring messages about ‘Who’s Your Sober Bob?’ and the potential of losing your license, a motor accident or worse. 

We delivered this message by producing a huge range of merchandising collateral that was spread across beer sleeves, coasters, stickers, newspaper ads, outdoor and pull up banners, posters and TV commercials to create a mass marketing campaign throughout the Northern Territory. It involved coordination between Police, vehicle towing services (to capture car accidents) and various other talent to film a series of TV commercials that showed the story of the Sober Bob messaging with both positive vs negative outcomes in each scenario. 

We were delighted to be able to participate and contribute to an iconic community focused messaging about looking after one another and reducing the ripple effect that drink driving and motor accidents have on the wider community.

DIPL was happy with the end result of the campaign, and the positive results it has been getting as it has now started to go live. Previous campaigns were focused primarily around the festive season so they could only be used during this time of the year. Removing this aspect has allowed DIPL to promote the campaign year-round, and to scale it up or down over periods of time that see high rates of socialising (long weekends, major events etc.) whilst maintaining a modern-day relatability to the core message.