DCIS - Cyber Security Videos

The Department of Corporate and Information Services (DCIS) is a Northern Territory Government agency providing information and technology services. 

bellette was approached to assist with the development of the Be Cyber Safe campaign, which included educational presentations to be held for private businesses and non-profit organisations in Darwin and Alice Springs.

We understood that the audience of owners and managers may not be proficient in computer security, and may therefore, be susceptible to cyber attack. With the goal of having a minimum of two original animated videos available for viewing, it was imperative to convey the complex information surrounding cybersecurity in a clean, concise and engaging way.

The aim of the videos was to communicate both the risks and protective measures. Many of the key areas highlighted protocols we also work conscientiously to be aware of in our daily operations. bellette (and our sister company HutSix) have a clear understanding of the importance of putting security in place to increase online safety, so we were enthusiastic to help promote this important message to other organisations.

Our designer started with simple visual elements, featuring bold colours and eye catching graphics to ensure clear message reception. They were then brought to life with our skills in animation. To drive the message home our editor paired the vision with concise text and an informative voiceover. We were careful to ensure an extra sophistication for the animations and final product, to reflect the complexity and professional standards utilized by would be hacking or scamming operations.  

Our team was thrilled to work on a project for such an important cause, requiring well-thought out design and AV production techniques. Not only were the presentations a success, our videos have been featured on the NTG YouTube channel in an ongoing educational capacity. We look forward to developing this professional relationship into the future.