Darwin International Film Festival

Darwin International Film Festival (DIFF) is a beautiful, unique and growing event in the Northern Territory that celebrates and encourages the Northern Territory film industry. The 11 day festival showcases films made in the Northern Territory, by Northern Territorian filmmakers, about the stories, culture and landscape in this unique part of Australia. Australian and International films that have been curated to suit the Northern Territorian audience are also showcased alongside local talent to inspire conversation and understanding of some big topics.

bellette were contracted to manage several aspects of public relations and marketing for the 10th year of DIFF as the event has grown significantly over this period and required a lot of time for preparation and strategy that DIFF needed a hand to make sure every aspect of the marketing was covered. We partnered with DIFF to apply our expertise in marketing strategies and well-crafted content to run an engaging campaign in the months leading up to the event.

In the lead up to DIFF19, we wrote a series of press releases around specific topics and program features and scheduling their release to garner national interest in the event. We also coordinated a steady social media content stream and strategic advertising to significantly grow their online community and spread local awareness for the festival.

Once DIFF19 had started, our team attended various events at the festival to create content on the ground. We conducted interviews with a number of film directors, creating a valuable set of videos for social media and future use for the event. We also attended the NT Screen Summit and filmed throughout the morning to create a snapshot video of the symposium. We continued our social media strategy by conducting some live streaming of events and creating timely content for both Facebook and Instagram.

We thoroughly enjoyed being able to work with the DIFF team on this project as it encompassed a wide range of creative work and marketing expertise, including filmography, photography, journalism, digital marketing, PR, interviewing and many other communication-based skills. It was also great to be able to help grow such a valuable resource for the NT arts community and facilitate its success.

This project was a collaborative project between us and the client, allowing us to build a strong working relationship and trust between ourselves and the DIFF team. This work also allowed us to bring our creativity to every aspect within this project and uncovering the bigger picture with some of these films. 

This was the first time that the festival had had the attention of a full-time manager, and organising the whole thing was a huge feat for our client. We were also able to offer some ad hoc support in proofreading and footage grabbing to help her meet deadlines and run things smoothly, these ad hoc tidbits were a direct result of building our relationship with the client as a trusted, reliable and flexible go-to.

The results of this project were visible in the growth of the event’s social media following, with both DIFF’s Facebook and Instagram followings increasing by 40% through tactical paid advertising and organic content rollout. We were also able to garner local and national interest in the event through press releases, forming media partnerships between the festival and ABC radio and Off The Leash publication, with further inclusion in a number of airline magazines.