CRANAplus is a membership based organisation that works to ensure quality healthcare is delivered across all of remote Australia. They provide education, support and professional development services to those who work in remote health. Our sister company, HutSix, has worked with CRANAplus since 2012 to create a substantial website operated information database and online education system that eliminates manual handling of paperwork and data entry.

As part of their ongoing work with CRANAplus, HutSix conducted an audit on the website to assess if (6 years after commencement) it was still performing to industry standards and delivering a user friendly service. It was examined in relation to its set up and functionality, look and feel, content and the known needs of users, with recommendations provided to improve their online presence.

bellette was tasked with redesigning the website interface to meet the recommendations set by HutSix (who were in turn busy reviewing the analytics to be able to gain improvements through a  re-engineering of the architecture). We created a site where customers in any area of the country, remote or otherwise, would have as smooth an experience as possible when using the CRANAplus website, making sure that loading speeds would be optimised.

Our well thought out use of hierarchy and best design practice, resulted in improvements to relevant message delivery, more intuitive usability, and easier site navigation. Key factors for consideration in this website redesign were information architecture (IA), content/wording, visual identity and branding, and improving sales of courses, products and resources.

Our approach included breaking down every single user interaction aspect from macro to micro, and coming up with specific solutions to every point. We considered such things as colour contrast (based on tables that represent different types of vision issues like colour blindness or low sight etc), orientation, effective calls to action, visual iconography, menu structure. The core features of our design work kept in mind usability, site navigation and accessibility without straying from CRANAplus’ professionalism and corporate values of accessibility, respect, support, collaboration and accountability.

The website redesign has led to significantly less user support enquiries (due to the website becoming more intuitive and self explanatory), but increased visits to links and services (that had previously been ignored due to the fact that they were not immediately clear to users). CRANAplus is very happy that the user experience has become smoother, and navigation clearer due to the refreshed design.