Centrepoint Screen

In late 2020, bellette facilitated the installation of a 3 metre transparent LED screen in the centre of Alice Springs on top of the Centrepoint building. This is the first screen of its type in the NT, and is 100% transparent, so people can see straight through it from the inside while people from the street see a digital display.

Where do we come in? This isn’t usually the type of job you might think we would do, but we like doing things that are a bit different. We facilitated the purchase, installation and continue to oversee and often create the content to show on the screen. 

The screen was installed with the intention of uplifting the community, and to provide a central point for community messaging and engagement. Alice Springs lost its local newspaper just when the screen was installed, and the town was without a central hub for information that was localised. The screen is able to act as somewhat of a ‘classifieds’ section of the local paper, broadcasting community announcements. To keep with the community centred vibe of this installation, no commercial advertising is allowed on the screen.

We’re able to create, produce and distribute positive community messaging straight to the community via this screen. We also work with community groups who have already created their own messaging to ensure it’s compliant with the screens specs, and upload it for them on a scheduled basis. 

The sky's the limit with what we can create and put on the Centrepoint big screen, with still images, GIFs, videos and animations all in the mix – we’re spoiled for choice!