Centralian Motors

Centralian Motors, locally owned and operated car dealership in Alice Springs, prides themselves on their customer-centric service model. Centralian Motors focus on fostering long term customer relationships, in order to be best able to meet their new and used vehicle, servicing and tyre needs.

Centralian Motors approached bellette to build their online presence through organic Facebook campaigning to bring themselves top-of-mind for potential and returning customers, and promote brand visibility. A successful online presence is all about truly engaging your desired audience with relevant and genuine content. Words, imagery, and stories all form conversations with the community. From here the community gets an idea of where a business's interests, ethics, and customer service values lie.

So where to for representing this genuine, quirky, local business located on the outskirts of town? Our online communication strategy was developed by the multidisciplinary digital marketing team, focused on creating an active connection between Centralian Motors and their online audience. Our cameraman captured content on-site for film and photographic images, while our copywriter and designer worked to develop graphics to represent the business and the personalities contained within. 

Our most successful campaign was designed to evoke a sense of nostalgia for the viewer. Utilising past images and information, including archived newspaper clippings from the 1960’s, sourced in collaboration with our client and local historians, we engaged their follower base and wider community, to contribute their own stories and images from the early days of Centralian Motors and the evolution of Alice Springs over time, to create an engaging online discussion. 

This project has allowed for substantial creativity and problem solving for bellette as well as engaging the client and community in contribution to further storytelling. In taking this approach we were able to steer away from the traditional sales content focused on pushing information onto customers, without taking the time to listen and let the customer speak and share their perspectives. 

Creating fresh and authentic content is imperative for social media success. Importantly this path works with Facebook’s complex exposure prioritising algorithm, not against it, whilst promoting content that aligns with the Centralian Motors brand identity.