Centralian Middle School (CMS)

CMS is located in Alice Springs, catering for the educational needs of students Yr 7-9. In 2010 They wanted to address potential new family needs for detailed information regarding the purpose and aim of middle schooling, and build pride in staff and students current achievements. 

CMS came to us to create a series of environmental graphics that would not only present the school as a vibrant place of learning but also inspire ownership and honour amongst the students.

On external spaces a colour palette was used to define different areas of the school, creating an informal way of navigating around the grounds. Inspirational quotes were teamed with bold graphics relevant to the local area were used.

A separate and larger outdoor project was the creation of an ‘honour wall’. A jigsaw of laser cut plywood combined with mural elements, it is robust enough for outdoor use and allows the school to replace photos as needed.

Internally, a series of murals were conceived and executed relating to the building they appear in. The example shown is presented in the hallway outside of the science labs, with each lab being assigned a ‘science hero’ covering all science subjects, taking into account women’s contribution to science, and major Australian breakthroughs. The murals are deliberately detailed so that students may encounter something new, even after having viewed them many times (a continuing journey of discovery), with the information broken into short, digestible facts. Similar murals panels were also completed in the areas of visual art and literature.