Central Australian Show Society (CASS)

The Central Australian Show Society (CASS) runs the Alice Springs Show every year. It is a hugely popular event within the community, running competitions, activities, show rides, retail stalls, and food over two days. 

bellette has worked with CASS for a large number of years to develop a strong participation message, adapting it annually to create marketing and information material for the event.

The messaging work each year has been represented through graphics and taglines, advertising themes, merchandising  that represents community and diverse activities, easy to digest and engage in for all ages. The participation and value for money ‘great day out’ proposition allows for new colours and iconography to be developed every year, giving fresh personality to the annual event.

The brand needs to work well on every application - including digital, print and merchandising material. Our annual work with CASS includes the production of the show booklet, featuring all the events and competitions that take place over the weekend. We also create posters, pull up banners, large scale canvas banners, digital collateral for use in advertising and social media as well as merchandise items that vary from year to year.