Brolga Awards

Tourism Central Australia is based in Alice Springs and operates on behalf of the Northern Territory Department of Tourism, Sport and Culture to support tourists and tourism operators. They do this through the operation of the Alice Springs Visitors Centre, offering training for tourism operators and promoting businesses through public recognition in the form of the annual Northern Territory Brolga Awards.

Tourism Central Australia contacted bellette to create a promotional video to share with local industry partners to encourage them to nominate Central Australian tourism operators for the annual Brolga Awards and to attend the event in Alice Springs in November. They wanted to encourage participation from members who may not have been involved in the past by conveying the benefits of the awards to businesses. 

To create this video, we interviewed the CEO of Tourism Central Australia, Stephen Schwer at the Alice Springs Visitor’s Centre about the event and the nomination process to inform and educate the viewers of the video. Segments from this interview were intertwined with footage that we had previously shot of local tourism operators and iconic landmarks within Central Australia to create a video that was relevant and relatable to the Central Australian viewer. 

bellette is one of many long-term businesses within Central Australia and we seize any opportunity to help showcase the talent and beauty of the Central Australian region and the businesses that operate within this space. We’ve been here so long because we’re passionate about this place.

This short video was shared across the Tourism Central Australia social media channels to promote the awards to the wider Central Australian audience. It gave other tourism businesses something to share within their networks as well, encouraging the promotion of local business and spreading the word about the awards.

Tourism Central Australia expressed that the final video was exactly what they were looking for,  capturing the spirit of Central Australian tourism and the operators who help contribute to this local industry.