As a business offering expert digital marketing services, who would we be to not demonstrate the value of this in our own digital marketing strategies? We make sure to follow our own advice to clients regarding what we would recommend as an optimum budget and timeframe for achieving results on social media, and apply it to our own efforts. The community that we have built around ourselves on social media is one that we value and see as a key contributor to the success of our business. 

We have established annual targeted digital marketing strategies, that hone in on messages around specific services, and the engagement goals for each, that we want to see met by the end of the year. We have used our brand guidelines to determine a strong, clear style for our social platforms, clearly communicating the brand’s resolute and full of character personality. In doing this we have been able to strengthen not only our brand but our positive influence in the community - a value which we hold high.

Our strategy centres around fresh and original content that truly demonstrates our capability to deliver the services we talk about. As part of the evolution of bellette’s digital representation, we have created a distinctive voice, not only on Facebook and Twitter but also through a dedicated blog. The addition of a blog to our digital strategy has seen a significant increase in visitors to our website and gives our clients an insight into the effort that goes into our work. A blog is a great way to inform your clients of your services without forcing a sales pitch down their throat. By keeping content, genuine and on brand, we are able to start conversations and build a community around our business that is based on real relationships.

For every digital marketing client, strategies are regularly reviewed according to the analytics data that comes back from websites, and insights from social media analytics. With such a constantly evolving industry, it is important to be flexible, always ready to strengthen the things that work and discard the bits that don’t. Regular monitoring of our own social platforms enables us to make solid recommendations to all of our clients. To inform our own advice , we test and prove new tactics with our own work, giving us firm basis for the strategies we build for our clients.

Maintaining a strong digital presence is vital to remaining at the forefront of people’s minds and helps to create long lasting rapport with clients which in turn encourages repeat business.