Bakewell Primary School

Bakewell Primary School is an independent public school located in Palmerston, Northern Territory. They take great pride in offering an extensive range of educational programs within their curriculum and on top of that, integrate learning at school, home and within the community to provide a well-rounded primary education.

Bakewell Primary School implements the ‘growth mindset’ learning theory, a theory that revolves around the belief that intelligence, ability and performance aren’t fixed traits, and they can be improved upon with continual self-development and reflection. 

The art teacher from Bakewell Primary School drew a colourful tree to illustrate the ‘growth mindset’ theory in an approachable way. The illustration gives students a quick reference for understanding how each thought can be changed to help develop resilience. bellette were contracted by Bakewell Primary School to adapt this illustration into a high-quality poster to display in classrooms and around the school. 

We worked with Bakewell to transform the illustration into a design that captured the key messaging and bright colours of the original tree while enhancing its strength with added readability. The designed interpretation made it easy for viewers to absorb the theory at a glance. Our designers embraced the challenge of adapting an on-paper sketch into a digitised and then a print-friendly poster, whilst maintaining readability and the original essence of the design.

Once the design was finalised and approved, we facilitated the printing of posters onto thick card to increase durability and to help them stand out in the classroom. The posters are now being integrated into lessons. They have introduced an engaging new activity where students use stickers to interact with the colourful tree artwork, showing where they are in their decision-making journey. 

Bakewell Primary School is pleased with the end result of the artwork and how it has been transformed from a simple sketch, into a high-quality poster that is used in every day, interactive learning in their classrooms.