ARDS Aboriginal Corporation

ARDS Aboriginal Corporation provides language and communication services for Aboriginal people (predominantly in East Arnhem Land). They run workshops, facilitate between government and Aboriginal people and provide platforms for Indigenous voices to be heard, created and advocated for.

In addition, ARDS operate Yolŋu Radio; the foremost source of on-air information and entertainment in North-East Arnhem, with a broadcast into Darwin also. ARDS and Yolŋu Radio work in conjunction to continue recording and documenting traditional knowledge, stories, songs and ceremonies to help keep Aboriginal languages and cultures vibrant and relevant for the next generation.

After several decades in operation, ARDS were after a brand refresh that still kept strong links to their original symbol and its connection to the Uniting Church, and an updated solution for Yolŋu Radio that strongly linked the two brands. ARDS wanted to comprehensively convey their diverse range of services, incorporate a recently adjusted tagline, and maintain familiarity for the community.

The challenge of creating a hybrid of old and new was something our designer relished during the design process. This was achieved by incorporating an unexpected vibrant colour palette with elements shared by both ARDS and Yolŋu Radio, and use of the same font, to communicate a unified identity across the two organisations. The Uniting Church presence was conveyed by integrating the iconic ‘hands’ symbol from the church’s own logo, as a central component for the ARDS logo.

Once the logos were completed, we were able to implement the new design elements into a suite of communication materials, ensuring professional and consistent visual branding, including stationery, signage, uniforms and corporate documents for the presentation of the brand messages to both internal and external stakeholders.

bellette have continued to work closely with ARDS over time, creating further collateral, including capability brochures, business cards and Christmas cards.

Since their rebrand, ARDS has experienced a new injection of energy, this has translated into attracting a diverse range of clients, increasing work projects and reach within North-East Arnhem Land and the surrounding area. For us, the most valuable aspect of our work with ARDS has been helping to ensure that they grow as a viable, much needed and valued resource for language and culture interpretation and preservation.