Anyinginyi Health Aboriginal Corporation (AHAC) - Website

Anyinginyi Health Aboriginal Corporation (AHAC) provides health care services to 7,500 peo­ple, over an area of 150,000 square kilo­me­tres, both in Tennant Creek and the surrounding Barkly region. 

AHAC take pride in their holistic approach, creating well-balanced health management plans for every stage of a client’s journey. Ensuring that physical needs, emotional needs and well-being are given the utmost priority.

Due to the complexity of health services, and comprehensive nature of treatment and support, there is an abundance of information to be communicated to clients, in both a succinct and highly accessible presentation on the AHAC website (with an added need to reduce jargon). 

bellette were eager to take on this challenge, and continued working relationship with AHAC, to create an easily navigated, engaging layout, promoting the strong sense of community that AHAC embody. We had just completed their annual report, so worked to bring the same Anyinginyi personality into the new site, whilst structuring and organising the content logically and clearly. 

Our designer paired the annual report design aesthetic of earthy tones, rich landscape imagery, and iconography previously developed, to strengthen the recognition of AHAC within the NT.

The homepage highlights key messages - vision, mission statement and services of AHAC, so that viewers are informed of core values from the very start of their interaction, allowing transparency to be maintained.

Working with an organisation that provides services to Aboriginal people is a great learning experience for us. This project demanded rigorous consideration languages knowledge systems that our client and their potential clients hold and implement every day. Extensive planning and attention to detail allowed AHAC to translate their organisation’s objectives for clear information dissemination into a far-reaching digital space. Now available, no matter the location, for the people who need access to it.