Alice Springs Language Centre

The Alice Springs Language Centre provides foreign language classes to local schools, and adult courses in languages like Arrernte, Chinese, Japanese and Spanish.

This organisation has some difficulty promoting their services as most people are looking to learn a new language for when they are travelling, simply to be able to get around. But, there are so many more benefits to learning a new language. Learning a new language is about self improvement, self confidence, and experiencing different cultures.

With a limited budget and limited collateral, we decided to get creative, drawing ‘characters’ based off real photos that had been taken of students on learning trips. We utilised the latest in character animation software through Davinci Resolve to animate these complicated characters; we moved their mouths and faces, making them blink and lip sync to the script, which was recorded by the client.

Davinci Resolve was a dream to work with. It cut down the time needed throughout the animation process and gave us a smooth-cut transition between the animations as we moved from animation to photo.

The final product will appear on the client’s own website and social media channels, and will be used in conjunction with their existing collateral to encourage more people to learn another language.