Alice Springs Golf Club

The Alice Springs Golf Club is home to an 18-hole golf course and lawn bowls green. It is nestled amongst the Western McDonald Ranges in a picturesque location. Probably the golf course with the most stunning views in Australia in our humble opinion! 

Alice Springs Golf Club needed a redesign of their website to improve functionality, they also wanted to incorporate a modern finish to the website, with some innovative functionality.

Our team reviewed all the information currently on the website and redesigned the navigation. They came up with a solution that would streamline the user experience, reducing the number of clicks they needed to make to get to the information they needed.

The key to the success of this website is the incorporation of a strong hero shot to convey the sheer size and scale of the Alice Springs Golf Club - as images do speak louder than words. This hero shot was created by looping a video sequence from a series of drone footage taken at each hole of the course. The video continuously plays without hindering the load time of the website. 

We also had to facilitate a third-party integration with the booking platform the Alice Springs Golf Club use - which is the main reason why people visit the website. We worked with the third-party provider, supplying design materials to use on a sub-domain for the platform to ensure that the branding stays the same throughout the user’s experience.

Our team relished the chance to be a part of this website redesign, and the amount of creativity we were able to exercise. It allowed us to be a part of the revitalisation of a prominent space in our local community.

The end product is a website that is suitable for the global scale and helps put the Alice Springs Golf Club on the map, showcasing the award-winning course and the events they play host to.