Alice Springs Aquatic and Leisure Centre

The Alice Springs Aquatic and Leisure Centre (ASALC) is the Alice Springs public swimming pool complex, which hosts two indoor pools, three outdoor pools, BBQ and grass areas and two water slides. 

ASALC contracted bellette wanting to create five short videos that encompassed the wide variety of services ASALC provide throughout the year, including two call-to-action TV commercials for winter and summer. 

The remaining three videos were about educating the viewer on the benefits of learning to swim and how important it is for kids to learn a skill they have for life early in their childhood. These videos included testimonials from parents, kids, students from swimming lessons, swimming instructors, and visitors to the centre. 

Working with kids is something that we have become well versed in, while it provides an extra challenge, it is something we have a whole basket of tools ready to work with. Working with kids means that we need to be extra prepared, have the script nailed down and our shots planned ahead of time so that we can give clear instructions and make filming a fun experience, with minimal takes. For projects like this, we are ready to comply with government regulations by maintaining a valid Working With Children Clearance for our edit suite employees. 

This project was a challenge for our technical skills, as the acoustics inside a swimming building are understandably huge. The sound was amplified within the indoor pool environment meaning that our camera operator needed to employ a different strategy for setting up microphones than what he would normally use to minimise echo and background noise and to give clarity to the main speaker. This challenge was paired with the intensity of the lighting and colour bouncing off the water both indoors and outdoors.

The colouring and lighting were adjusted in post-production, with colour filters added in accordingly to reduce the high exposure of the summer Alice Springs sun and reduce the cool tones in the indoor pool shots.  

The ASALC team and supporting council staff members were happy with the finalised videos, and are incorporating them into their future marketing strategy to promote the centre as a destination for everyone at any time of the year.