Alice Plaza

Alice Plaza is a large and well-known shopping complex in the centre of Alice Springs, home to several retail outlets, food vendors and large public spaces. It is home to Target, Priceline and an independent grocery store and is a real hub for residents and visitors of Alice Springs.

Without a dedicated marketing team, the Centre Manager of the Plaza was struggling to keep up with the management of all the various advertising and marketing that needed to happen for the promotion of retailers and the Plaza in general. Our client wanted Alice Plaza to become a space where people would come and enjoy, feel a sense of community and pride in the local businesses that occupy it.

With Christmas and School holidays coming up, the Plaza needed someone to manage a campaign to bring people in the doors and promote a strong community spirit within the complex.

We pooled our team of creatives together to come up with a campaign that would engage the community and bring the desired pride and loyalty to Alice Plaza. The feature of the campaign strategy was a ‘Shop to Win’ promotion, where customers would earn an entry into a significant major prize draw for every $10 spent as well as daily winners of a smaller prize in the lead-up.

We supported the promotion with radio ads, posters and a digital marketing plan that centred around bringing people together to laugh, engage and appreciate our local stores. Through a series of jokes, photos of the retail staff and our daily prizes, we were able to bring up the engagement of the page and get people talking about Alice Plaza.

We had a lot of freedom in this campaign, creating a visual style for Alice Plaza and a strategy to complement the natural strengths of our community. We were able to create something that brought joy and looked great. Through setting a visual style for the Plaza, we were able to elevate its image, giving it a glossy retail look that invited people to enjoy the space and the people running it.

By taking over this campaign, we were able to give the centre manager back her time so she could give attention to other important tasks. Having a dedicated team on this marketing plan meant that it could be regularly monitored and given the full attention it needed to succeed.

The campaign went well and our client continued the relationship into a general marketing one on an ongoing basis. We were able to continue building the style and personality around the Alice Plaza brand through our ongoing work, experimenting with new content ideas and keeping regular communication with our client and the retailers within the Plaza.