MPH Projects - creating video content for social media

MPH Projects is a major construction company local to Central Australia, operating in the Alice Springs area, Barkly Region, everywhere around and in between. MPH prides themselves on their exceptional service provision, committed to injecting quality building into regional Australia in order to support and improve the communities they operate in.

Having a had a longer term relationship with MPH they were happy to bring us the challenge of developing a social media campaign to highlight their building work, the connection with clients and the wider community - particularly the organisations they sponsor.

We conceived a 12-month marketing strategy, aiming for a long-term approach in creating a trusted reputation. Our team connect with MPH on a weekly basis to check on ideas for original content, and to make sure that what we are creating is relevant, both in timing and in line with MPH philosophies and goals.

One such project was a privately commissioned home being built at Ilparpa. bellette were able to capture footage using a drone in showcasing the structural framework of the house before the roof was added. By presenting a bird’s eye view of the bare metal frame, the amazing structural work of MPH was highlighted during a critical phase of this project.

The video has been posted to Facebook to demonstrate the quality of work that MPH Projects produces, with 1800 views to date.