7 Mile Aerodrome

7 Mile Aerodrome is the original site of the Alice Springs Airport and is heritage-listed. The Australian National Aviation Museum approached bellette to help develop signage for the location so they can develop it into an informative historical tourism attraction and eventually a museum, complementing the exhibits shown at the Central Australian Aviation Museum.

The signage unravels the history of the 7 Mile Aerodrome, with visitors being able to read one at the front of each building, telling the story of its past life. This is the first step towards developing the site as a tourist attraction and helps to convey the cultural significance of each landmark within the area.

We collated all the historical information and imagery and pulled it all into a hierarchy, laid out with strong cohesion for each building’s story. We used our expertise in creating text-heavy material that entices the reader to go right to the end to create visually stimulating layouts. The colour palette was kept simple, sticking to shades of blue and white to balance the graphics with the vintage photography and keep with the overall historical style of the project. 

Once the signage was approved by 7 Mile Aerodrome, we coordinated the development of the signs with a signwriter which reduced the workload for 7 Mile Aerodrome as we took care of the logistics. 

We really enjoyed working with another cultural icon of Central Australia and learning the history about our own backyard with the help of the 7 Mile Aerodrome team who are very enthusiastic about aviation history. 

We have continued our working relationship with 7 Mile Aerodrome since the completion and production of this signage, working with them to develop further collateral in support of their tourism ventures, including brochures and a full logo suite. We look forward to continuing this relationship and seeing the transformation of this new tourism venture unfold.