We are a tight group of creative professionals who are skilled in the areas of graphic design, film & TV, advertising, marketing, web and digital publishing. Our work environment is one of cooperation and collaboration. The result is cohesive work over a range of mediums.

Sometimes we push each other to think bigger and explore new possibilities, whilst at other times it is a matter of heads-down to meet a tight deadline and offering support to those in the thick of it. A creative and experienced bunch, we strive to have fun whilst producing amazing results for our clients.

Founded in 1998, over the past 17 years the projects completed by Bellette have evolved from predominately retail advertising to include large scale audio-visual productions (animation and filmed footage) and graphic design projects that have been received by an international audience. Our main studio is in Alice Springs and we also have a secondary office in Darwin. Bellette's clients are located across the Northern Territory and extend to most states of Australia.

Proud supporters of our local community, we provide support to many charities, organisations and events, usually in the form of help with their advertising and marketing materials. Sponsorship has been ongoing for Alice Springs Carols by Candlelight, Riding for the Disabled, Chamber of Commerce NT Customer Service Awards, Alice Springs Show and the Alice Springs Town Council Night Markets among others.

Brad Bellette


Brad is always on the go, embracing a life lived fast - in work, family and the community. He loves it when we get to implement new ideas and experiment with new technologies to expand the reach of Bellette and the wider community. When he finally gets to stop, he stops good and proper. A day off is a rare and beautiful thing.

Kate Merry

HR Manager

Kate loves a good human jigsaw puzzle, fitting the right person in the right place to create the perfect picture of blissful team dynamics. Someone who doesn’t tolerate a brain half used, you’ll often find her working on the backyard treehouse of your wildest dreams with her two boys in any spare moment.

Rachel DeBrenni

Executive Officer

Rachel likes to keep everything in line, working perfectly to reach it’s full potential, from the veggie garden to the management team. She loves seeing the Alice Springs community grow and being able to be a facilitator of that. Her days off are spent developing her efforts in the garden into culinary masterpieces.

Noosh Zerna

Senior Creative & Copywriter

Noosh gets her kicks from problem-solving and the cryptic world of visual communication. Her weakness is a good bush-cooked dinner around a campfire with friends, away from the perils of modern tech gear and all the hair-pulling that comes with it.

Sophie Cavies

Graphic Designer

Sophie loves making beautiful things out of absolutely nothing, matching ideas with different creative views and seeing that finished product doing its job. On the weekend you’ll find her chasing the latest social events and fashion trends, stopping off at all the best cafes along the way.

Liliana Lopez

Graphic Designer

Liliana is fluent in the visual language of the image, creating worlds where all our client’s problems are solved with creative flair. She loves finding a balance of spending time curled up with pencil and paper, doodling away, and the call of the outside world - nature, art galleries and social get-togethers.

Wendy Hughes

Digital Strategist

Wendy hangs on tight to her connection with the Australian Outback, even living in New Zealand. Loving that she still gets to work with imagery of red dirt and blue skies through our clients, Wendy loves just as much to get off the grid and out in the wild of New Zealand.

Kirsty Imms

Digital Strategist & Content Writer

Kirsty loves the creative power of words, that a simple shift in language or tone can totally change the way that a message is received. She is obsessed with soaking in new experiences and seeing the world from every angle, a lover of learning, seeing and doing.

Franky So

Audiovisual Producer

Franky is a visual storyteller whose passion is being behind the camera, creating work to grab people’s attention. If he had all the spare time in the world, he would still spend it taking photos and videos, travelling around the world capturing stories with no deadlines or time restrictions.

Angelina Comley

Finance Manager

Angelina is a sucker for numbers, getting her kicks from the order and precision of her work. As the Adelaide arm of Bellette, she loves that she gets to work from home and then get out and explore the towns around her. This exploration has created in her an avid cafe hunter and coffee connoisseur.